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Petit fours for a crowd

Last week I made several types of petit fours for my mom’s book club meeting. They were a hit! I love being able to share the taste of French pastry with people. It’s just something we don’t get to taste a lot of here. I chose to make russians (or pistachio stacks,

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What is Pastry School?

Sometimes I mention my time spent in pastry school in my articles and blog postings. For those of you wondering what exactly pastry school is and all that it entails, I’ve done my best to create a fair summary below. Subjects Covered: -Baking theory, history, and science -Food service sanitation -Breads and

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Why Pastry School?

I’ve always loved baking. You can probably tell this by taking one look at my blog. But I wanted to learn more. I wanted to understand why failures in the kitchen happen and how to prevent them. I also wanted to know how to make those fancy, gorgeous plated desserts seen at

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Cupcakes, farmer’s market finds, and pastries

Most of this past week has been spent making cupcakes! I had an order for one of my personal favorites, red velvet cupcakes. For those of you unfamiliar with red velvet, it is a buttermilk cake, tinted red, with a hint of cocoa. The buttermilk helps make the cake really moist

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Namaste…Peace & Ice Cream

“God, I hope you’re not turning into one of those reclusive cat freaks”, my older brother, Kyle, recently commented to me after I posted a picture of my cat Benny into an online photo album. This thought came back to me yesterday while vacuuming cat litter off of the floor. Then I remembered my lovestruck

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Strawberry Season

Ever since I can remember, my mom would take us strawberry picking as kids. We would get up early to beat the heat, and head to Hilger’s Farm Market. Once there, we piled into a trailer that gets pulled by a tractor out to the strawberry fields. I know, it sounds slightly

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It’s Done

Pastry school is finished! I graduated. I am now a pastry chef. I did a very poor job of updating my blog with what was going on at school for the last 2 or 3 months. A brief synopsis: chocolate candies unit (molding, casting, tempering, enrobing, ganaches, pralines, truffles, rochers, gianduja…basically a chocolate lover’s dream),

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