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Chocolate Pistachio Mousse Cakes for a Special Visit

My parents came out to visit for a few days and it was such a joy to see them and spend time together. Since we live so far apart, getting together was a special occasion. For one of the nights, I wanted to treat them to a great meal and I knew

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High Altitude Baking

I am often asked by many of our diners how I adapt my baking for the altitude that comes with living up in the high rockies. When I first moved out here, I was terrified of what the elevation can do to baked desserts and pastries that would normally come out perfect

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Pumpkin Butter, Poached Pears, and Preserving Herbs

Shortly before Halloween, I purchased a pumpkin pie pumpkin. Yes, you read that correctly. Pumpkin varieties that work best for baking are the pumpkin pie pumpkin and the sugar pumpkin. Pumpkin pie and sugar pumpkins  have a “smooth, sweet flesh that is much less pulpy and stringy” according to Regan Daley’s In

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Basic Pie & Tart Crusts

I never was a huge pie fan until I started making my own and I could control the crust. I know that’s a very food snobbish thing to say, but I say this with complete innocence! I like crusts to be tender, flaky, subtle- the real prize to a pie or tart

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Sugared Cranberries

Cranberries are truly beautiful. They are so simple, yet evoke so much meaning and memories. Often times they are overlooked as a Thanksgiving table staple (you know, that dish with the red glob). When making Cranberry Cornbread Muffins, I was inspired by their distinctive oval shape and shiny garnet red color.

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