Pastry School

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What is Pastry School?

Sometimes I mention my time spent in pastry school in my articles and blog postings. For those of you wondering what exactly pastry school is and all that it entails, I’ve done my best to create a fair summary below. Subjects Covered: -Baking theory, history, and science -Food service sanitation -Breads and

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Why Pastry School?

I’ve always loved baking. You can probably tell this by taking one look at my blog. But I wanted to learn more. I wanted to understand why failures in the kitchen happen and how to prevent them. I also wanted to know how to make those fancy, gorgeous plated desserts seen at

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It’s Done

Pastry school is finished! I graduated. I am now a pastry chef. I did a very poor job of updating my blog with what was going on at school for the last 2 or 3 months. A brief synopsis: chocolate candies unit (molding, casting, tempering, enrobing, ganaches, pralines, truffles, rochers, gianduja…basically a chocolate lover’s dream),

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Pastry School Update: Sugar Candies, Ice Creams and Sorbets, Plated Desserts, & Jam-Making

Again, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about school. I’ve never experienced such a period in my life where the days, and weeks…and months literally fly by. But I am back, and hoping to stay around a bit. I’ve got a zillion recipe ideas crashing around in my head and I want

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Pastry School Update: Gumpaste Flowers & Wedding Cakes

This unit was definitely a break from our regular kitchen routine- we did almost no baking- rather, we sat at our kitchen stations and created the beautiful and realistic creations known as gumpaste flowers. Prior to pastry school, I had no knowledge of gumpaste flowers. It wasn’t until our chef for this unit,

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Pastry School Update: Tarts and Cakes

Having completed the petit fours unit, it was time to move on to tarts, with Chef John Kraus. We had a little bit of experience making tart doughs and rolling out tart dough from the tartlets we made in the petit fours unit, but I still have a difficult time rolling out

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Pastry School Update: Petit Fours and 1st Exam

So far the petit fours unit has been my favorite unit in pastry school. Everything is small and bite-sized, and therefore cute. We started the unit by making pate a choux, which is the thick, rich paste used for making eclairs, cream puffs, and other pastries. It has the amazing ability to

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Pastry School Update: Breads and Breakfast Pastries

Another week in the kitchen for our breads and breakfast pastries unit has passed, and ohh, the abundance of baked goods. I think I have been following a strict butter diet. On to the food… Photograph (right): Pear danish TUESDAY: We didn’t have class on Monday due to MLK Day. Tuesday arrived

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Pastry School Update: The First Two Weeks

This week at pastry school was our first week in the kitchens. Last week was mostly orientation, food safety/sanitation, and lecture classes, which were inspiring. Some of the chefs spoke to us about the different areas of the food industry our talent could take us. The great thing about being a pastry

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Pastry School!

Well, I am halfway through my first week of pastry school! Each day has been exciting and exhausting, but the exhausting part comes with adjusting to any new job or semester of school. Highlight: Getting my pastry tool kit filled with all the goods. Lowlight: Sanitation and food safety class. I think

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