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Hello friends! It’s time for a little update.

I’m moving to Colorado, which is an adventure in itself. My life will become significantly busier, but I’m determined to keep posting. Every time I’ve lived in a new place, I discover wonderful inspiration for desserts and pastry.

At the moment, this move isn’t permanent, but I’m excited for this new opportunity to get more experience in learning and in life. There is still time for a few holiday orders, but only before December, for those interested.You can email me with questions (contact info is up at the top right of the page).

I’ve also been brainstorming some ideas for making the most of Fall’s flavors. This includes using  apple butter, pumpkin butter, poached pairs, etc. We’ll see how that comes along, depending on the oven status (At the moment it’s broken).

In other news, we’ve managed to acquire a chocolate temperer. Tempered chocolate is necessary for proper chocolate candy making in that it stabilizes the fat crystals in the cocoa butter. This creates a quick-setting, shiny, hard chocolate that has a much longer shelf life. Chocolate can be tempered without a machine, but it’s easier to hand dip and cast large quantities of chocolate candies with the help of one.


I’d like to play around with it and make some chocolate candies for holiday gifts this year. I’m hoping to get started on that soon and will be sure to post any exciting recipes.

Speaking of our broken oven, these pumpkin-hazelnut doughnuts were created after seeing the recipe on Aran’s blog, Cannelle et Vanille (It’s a beautiful blog, be sure to check it out!). It was a chilly weekend morning and one glance at Aran’s pumpkin doughnut picture told me there was no turning back.


What made them particularly appealing was the need for a stove, not an oven. I could make them! Because they are a cake doughnut, there is no yeast, and they come together very quickly. Enjoy them while taking in the colors outside for a true taste of Autumn.

Here is the link to Aran’s recipe for Pumpkin-Hazelnut Doughnuts at her blog Cannelle et Vanille.



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