Mignardises For Saveur Magazine

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Back in December, I was approached about submitting 6-7 varieties of mignardises, also known as petit fours, to Saveur magazine for their January 2012 issue.

Mignardises are essentially a one or two-bite sweet that is served at the end of a fine dining meal. At the restaurant we always serve 4 different types each night. They’re a fancy way of saying ‘thank you’ and guests always enjoy having something sweet to end the meal with, even if they didn’t order dessert.

I composed my list and emailed it right away, as we were informed Saveur was on a tight deadline.

Chocolate rosemary meltaway

Ginger-infused guimauve (marshmallow) with caramelized hazelnuts

The next day, literally, I was contacted to see if there was any way some, if not all, of the mignardises could be overnighted from Colorado to New York.


That’s a lot of work to do! I spent the next 24 hours going crazy wondering if everything looked photo worthy. And would it hold up in shipping? Finally, I had to just step away. Let it be.

The next morning I went in early and packed up the box, hand delivering it to the FedEx guy. I stood there in the lobby watching the truck drive away, praying that all of my labor would sit safe and sound down the mountains to New York.

Fast forward a few weeks and there it was- the email notifying me that the sexy red velvet macaron made the cut. Perfect way to start off 2012.

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