My Aha Moment for Mutual of Omaha

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Over the summer, I was contacted by Mutual of Omaha. Their team came across this very site, The Pastry Case, and wanted to learn more about my decision to pursue pastry arts as a career.

As some of you may be aware, I studied sports management and law in college, with the intention of attending law school and preparing contracts as a sports agent. Crazy to think about, huh? I even spent some time working at a sports agency in Chicago.

So what happened, you ask? Just before graduation, I had a sudden realization that I didn’t want to attend law school, and I didn’t want to pursue my topic of study. I couldn’t see myself doing that line of work, happily, every day, for the REST OF MY LIFE. I panicked, because I am the type of person who likes to have a ‘plan’. Something to keep me moving forward, to keep me motivated.

My last semester of college I spent many of my weekend nights staying in, preferring the empty quiet of the house, where I would putter in the kitchen cooking and baking. I’d wake up early on Sunday mornings and walk to the Oxford farmer’s market. It was such a beautiful time for me; purchasing honest food and getting a head start on my day, while many of my classmates lay hungover in their beds. My soul felt happy.

So after this realization, amidst one of my panicked conversations with my friend Molly, she suggested I look into catering or culinary school. I had never thought of that! I went home and googled culinary schools, and a whole new landscape opened to me. I loved to cook, and bake. People made careers out of that stuff. The rest is history.

Mutual of Omaha’s “Aha Moment” campaign shares people’s stories and secrets to success and happiness from all over the country. They liked my story and wanted to film my ‘moment’ for their 2011 campaign.

I flew home to Indiana to film, and it was a great opportunity to see my family for a few days. I had also missed the sound of frogs and crickets at night, and how balmy and warm an Indiana summer’s night can feel (I love Colorado in the summer but there are some things that you grow up with and miss when they’re not around any more).

It was ridiculously hot and humid that day, and we filmed in a tiny trailer that was just baking under the sun. I felt like I was dripping sweat but it seemed to have turned out ok!

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