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The restaurant kitchen happily welcomed a new member to our family recently. My assistant Andrew and I like to affectionately call her “Baby”. And that she is. A monstrosity of an investment (and space in our tiny kitchen), but one that has been eagerly anticipated for a long time, and well worth it.

When I first started my job at the restaurant, I was shocked by the dumpy ice cream maker we had at the time. In my two previous jobs, I had been fortunate enough to have Carpigiani professional batch freezers- more than one- within my reach on a moment’s notice. I was spoiled.

The dumpy machine and I really did try to be friends, but Dumpy froze the ice cream on the bottom into icy chips, while creating a noticeable graininess, no matter what I did. Sometimes Dumpy would just “lock”, with unfrozen ice cream still inside. It made about 1 quart in an hour, if you were lucky. The worst part was that to clean the machine or extract ice cream, you had to manually scoop whatever was inside, out. Lame.

Oh, and every few months, Dumpy would break down.

And then, in October (the 18th, I fondly recall) Baby arrived. She’s a big girl but boy does she work hard. And fast. Baby allows you to adjust the RPM, which is how much air is incorporated into your frozen product as it freezes. This gives you the capability to make a super smooth premium ice cream, a dense gelato, or a fluffy sorbet with a simple speed adjustment.

Baby produces frozen creations in a matter of minutes too, not hours. She will never be put in a corner.

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  1. I really want a baby too!

    Please let us know how the lemon ice comes out.

    And did you get a flash freezer too!

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