Strawberry Doughnuts for the National Culinary Review

feature photo

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the National Culinary Review for an upcoming issue. The topic? My strawberry doughnut dessert from last spring.

Doughnuts are more trendy these days than in the past, with specialty ‘gourmet’ doughnut shops opening up all over and their persevering presence on restaurant menus.

I still remember a particular restaurant in Chicago we used eat at, not because of the food, but because of the hot doughnuts we’d get for dessert.

My strawberry doughnuts last spring were a fresh welcome after the long winter. I dehydrated strawberries and ground them into a powder, which I mixed with granulated sugar. The hot doughnuts were tossed in the strawberry sugar straight out of the fryer, resulting in a bright pink doughnut with a heavenly, sweet smell.

On the plate they were accompanied by a chevre creme chantilly and strawberry tarragon sauce. Props to my photographer friend Andy for snapping these photos.

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