High Altitude Bakers Unite!

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Hello all,

I have recently created a high altitude baking website, www.highaltitudebakes.com. It was formed with the intention of sharing recipes, photos, and the high altitude lifestyle. I wanted to make a web haven for high altitude bakers to help each other and share our love of baking. Bakers at sea level are also welcome to visit and check in on my baking adventures.

In the coming month, HAB will continue to improve and increase in content. I have many exciting features planned!

Happy baking and thanks for your support.

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  1. I’m thrilled to see your website, and living at 8,000 ft.in a very dry southern Utah environment, look forward to sharing and learning tips about baking and particularly, making French pastry and bread.
    Any information about making croissants and French bread at this altitude would be enormously helplful!

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