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Earlier this week, something very cool happened. I was contacted by Kat Rohrbacher, an artist from Baltimore who is originally from Fort Wayne. She is working on her thesis project for graduate school and wants to use my cupcakes in her paintings!

We chatted for a long time last night about her project and I am excited to get the opportunity to do some very creative custom cupcakes. She is painting portraits of people she’s known throughout her life who have passed away. Each painting will also have a cupcake in it that channels the personality and traits of each individual. 

What’s great about Kat is that she seems as obsessed with cupcakes as I am, so I think we’re going to work really well together. The cupcakes will be completed in the next two weeks for Kat to photograph while she is in town for the holidays.

I will be sure to post pictures of the cupcakes and updates on Kat’s thesis work. The photograph pictured above is one of her paintings. You can check out her website at and her blog at

Some other things that are adding a skip to my step:

1. I received information from the French Pastry School today about my schedule for the first week of classes. Exciting!

2, Seckel pears, lady apples, and red currants. The pears and apples are miniature-sized. I was able to find them at Meijer and they make beautiful, edible table decorations.

3. www.chefscatalog.comhas free shipping on all orders until the 15th. They also have Cuisinart Green Gourmet cookware on sale. It is eco-friendly. Also related, not in a food way, but an online shopping way, is My Mom is currently obsessed with this website. You can find coupon and discount codes for websites when online shopping. Score!

4. Eclairs. I am going to make eclairs this weekend that have a spiced pate a choux dough, dulce de leche pastry cream filling, and a milk chocolate glaze. Check back for the post and recipe!

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