Pastry School!

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Well, I am halfway through my first week of pastry school! Each day has been exciting and exhausting, but the exhausting part comes with adjusting to any new job or semester of school.

Highlight: Getting my pastry tool kit filled with all the goods.

Lowlight: Sanitation and food safety class. I think I’ll be afraid to eat out for awhile.

The more I get to know my chef instructors and the staff of the school, the more I realize how truly lucky I am to have this opportunity (thanks again, Mom and Dad). The French Pastry School is great. I haven’t spent any time in the kitchen yet but I know spending a semester here is the right move for my career goals.

I’m also really excited to get to know my classmates more. I’ve had food conversations with some of them already and we all share the same passion and creativity for baking and pastry arts. It’s a good feeling. My classmates come from all over and there is a wide range of ages.

The first “unit” my class will be focusing on is bread and breakfast pastries. The FPS recently acquired a new chef instructor, Jonathan Dendauw, who is a master bread baker, so this will for sure be a unique learning opportunity. I won’t be  posting recipes or material from class, but I can take photographs and I will share my experiences as a pastry student and my time in Chicago.

Once I get more settled into my new lifestyle and apartment, I also plan on resuming my own baking experiments, which I will be sure to post.

Photograph (below): My loaded pastry kit


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  1. Can we get a picture of you in your pastry chef outfit?

  2. Very funny. Perhaps when I grow into it!

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