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Pastry school is finished! I graduated. I am now a pastry chef.

I did a very poor job of updating my blog with what was going on at school for the last 2 or 3 months. A brief synopsis: chocolate candies unit (molding, casting, tempering, enrobing, ganaches, pralines, truffles, rochers, gianduja…basically a chocolate lover’s dream), sugar showpieces, and chocolate showpieces.

Photograph (at right): Vanilla chiboust with red berries, micro greens and lavender-honey poppy seed tuile

We spent these units with Chefs Sebastien and Jacquy, who were great, as expected. The last week of school we prepared for our graduation buffet, which was a fantastic opportunity to show our families and friends what we can do now. The last day of class was spent doing some hardcore cleaning.

And with that, we had our graduation ceremony, followed by the lovely grand buffet, and we were sent off on our ways. A few days later, I moved out of the city.

I am forever thankful for my education and experience at The French Pastry School and have so much respect for my chefs. I’m also immensely thankful for my parents, in helping me make my goals a reality.

And now I shall spread my little pastry wings.

Photographs (from top to bottom): variety of casted chocolate candies, chocolate showpiece, vanilla-roasted pineapple with gold leaf, cappuccino creme brulee with chocolate cremeux, almond-scented milk flan with berry water, red wine roasted plum stew with linzer and florentine tuile.

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  1. Congratulations, Megan. Now, please “throttle” (LOL) uncle Dave K. for guiding me to this blog. I drooled over my computer; I put on weight just looking at your photos. I could salivate at your descriptive posts. Oh, the “agony”, the yummie-ness, uh feeling sorry for me, yet?

    I like your idea of part time or full time self employment with this learning. It will keep you mobile through your life.

    Best to you, Glen

  2. Congratulations, fellow FPS’er! Good luck out there. This is the first I’ve seen of your blog, so I’ll check out other posts later. Feel free to check mine out and you’ll see how our experiences compare. (My FPS entries are back in 2007 if you look for them.)


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