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Chocolate Pistachio Mousse Cakes for a Special Visit

My parents came out to visit for a few days and it was such a joy to see them and spend time together. Since we live so far apart, getting together was a special occasion. For one of the nights, I wanted to treat them to a great meal and I knew

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Chocolate Stout Milkshakes

I’m sitting on a lot of ice cream, folks. Nothing makes ice cream disappear faster than making a couple of milkshakes. I love the incredible pairing of Guinness beer and chocolate and it’s a combination that’s been on my mind lately. So, naturally, when I was going through cookbooks (something I do

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Chocolate Mousse Dream Cake

I’m a big fan of this one. Dense, flourless chocolate cake is topped with a light, creamy milk chocolate mousse, then drenched in bittersweet chocolate glaze. The entire delight is kept in the freezer, which surprisingly keeps all the layers at just the right texture. This dessert is best served within a few minutes

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